Reading Goals 2019


1. Read 79 books √

I’ve set my Goodreads goal to 79 books (don’t judge. I have a thing for odd numbers) but I hope I can reach 100 again. But since I’m trying to be realistic and not stress myself I out it a bit lower. So 79 it’ll be. For now.

Reading Stats coming soon!


2. Read all the books I got as a gift before 2019 x

This was also a goal last year. And I failed. So we’re at it again. Fingers crossed I’ll actually manage it this year. Depending on how I count I’ll have to read either 19 or 28 books … I think I’ll go for the 19 ^^


3. Finish 9 Series x

The Series I have already started and want to finish are: (The books in parentheses are the ones I still have to read to complete the series)

  • Snow like Ashes by Sara Raasch … (Frost like Night)
  • Septimus Heap by Angie Sage … (Physics (reread), Queste, Syren, Darke & Fyre)
  • Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer … (The Lost Colony, The Time Paradox, The Atlantis Complex, The Last Guardian)
  • Silberschwingen (Rebelling der Nacht)
  • Die Känguru Apokryphen
  • Die Seiten der Welt (Nachtland, Blutbuch)
  • Die Spur der Bücher
  • Ballad

Those are the 8 series I managed to finish in 2019


4. Get my Netgalley Ratio up to 90% x

And try to keep it around that as well. Meaning no requesting sprees when I still have a lot of other books to read!! I’m currently (Jan 2019) at 78%.


5. Read at least 43 backlist books √

What this means for me is: Books that I have on my shelves for at least a year or longer. I also want to make an unhaul jar with all the books I got used a few years ago.

  1. Trigger Warning
  2. Was ich euch nicht erzählte
  3. The Dragonfly Pool
  4. The Poppy War
  5. Ballad
  6. The Beast is an Animal
  7. The Miniaturist
  8. Frost like Night
  9. The Bone Witch
  10. Physik
  11. Wolfsthron
  12. Queste
  13. Syren
  14. Der Dieb
  15. The Winners Curse
  16. A Darker Shade of Magic
  17. Die Seiten der Welt Nachtland
  18. Red Queen
  19. Ketchup Cloud
  20. King of Thorns
  21. The Surface Breaks
  22. Das zufällige Leben der Azalea Lewis
  23. Mirage
  24. The Queen of Attolia
  25. The Murder Complex
  26. Der Gebieter
  27. Beautiful Creatures
  28. Die Chemie des Todes
  29. Kalte Asche
  30. Im Zeichen des Raben
  31. Izara: Stille Wasser
  32. Silberschwingen: Rebellin der Nacht
  33. Der Pakt der Bücher
  34. Nevernight
  35. Der kleine Lord
  36. Outrun the Wind
  37. A Study in Charlotte
  38. The Last of August
  39. A Conspiracy of Kings
  40. Darke
  41. Was die Spiegel Wissen
  42. Die Seiten der Welt Blutbuch
  43. Fyre


6. Lower my physical TBR from 129 to 79 x

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I hope I can actually manage it and don’t buy too many books and actually read books I already own instead of listening to tons of audiobooks or read ebooks and borrowed books because as lovely as that is … it doesn’t help my TBR.

7. Genre Goals √

I had this last year too and it was relatively successful, so I’m doing it again. Basically, this pushes me to read more outside of Fantasy. I know I enjoy other genres, too but I just rarely reach for them.

So, I want to read:

  • 5 Classics (Dracula, Faust etc)
  • 3 SciFi books (Red Rising, Binti #2, Skyward etc)
  • 9 Crime/Thriller/Mystery/Horror books (I put all those together because I’m shit at knowing what the difference is between them)
  • 3 Non-Fiction books (Roxane Gay, Elli Radinger etc)
  • 5 Historical Fiction books (The Miniaturist, Runa etc)
  • 9 Contemporaries (Laurie Halse Anderson, Louise Gornall etc)