About Me

Hi! I’m Nora Eliana but you can call me Al if you want.

And this is my little corner of the internet where I try to escape brutal reality that likes me to adult and do reasonable things and stuff like that. No thanks!
I prefer to spend my time with all my bookish friends (real life or sadly “only” (pff!) fictional. (Have you read Inkheart by Cornelia Funke? So much for “just” fictional!)

I like books (duh!), paper and ink and everything to do with it. I like to (try) bind notebooks myself and create booksmarks. I’d like to call myself a writer (but emm … probably no one else will. YET!) and professional bookwyrm.
But I like other things too. Bookish playlists (that’s totally “other”) and dancing and playing instruments and discussing the hell out of my favourite books/movies/tv series etc.

So come, little bookling, and talk to me 🙂