2020 Reading Goals

As I said in my last post, this next semester is if everything goes according to plan, very busy. So I tried to reflect that (a little) in my goals for the year. I probably won’t reach them all but that’s okay. This is just for fun and to have a little direction and guidance throughout the reading year.

I purposefully left out the reading goal of lowering my physical tbr though because I don’t really mind having a large pile of unread books at home. Actually, I love it and in busy times I read mostly audiobooks, soo … it’s just easier this way.


1. Read 71 books

I set my Goodreads Goal to 71 books but I’m secretly hoping to read over 100 again. But next semester is (hopefully) gonna be crazy busy so I’m going with a lower number as not to stress myself. I also have the tendency to focus all my determination on books and not Uni so … trying to somewhat prevent that with this lower goal!

2. Genre Goals

I loved this goal last year, so I’m just gonna do it again this year.

  • 5 Classics
  • 3 SciFi books
  • 13 Crime/Thriller/Mystery/Horror books
  • 3 Non-Fiction books
  • 3 Historical Fiction books
  • 9 Contemporaries


3. Read all books I got as a gift before 2020

That are 19 books I have to read in the next year. That should be doable, shouldn’t it? I even included a category in my TBRs for this goal. Wish me luck!


4. Keep my NetGalley Ratio over 85% and have no Review Copies older than 3 month

I really want to have less backlist review copies. I always feel so bad when I can’t get to new ones quick enough and then they just collect dust. I’m participating in the #ARCApocalypse 2020 created by the lovely Destiny. If you’re behind on ARCs and Review Copies check out the challenge!


5. Finish 9 series

I have countless series where I have only one or two books left … and I should really read them!

  • Throne of Glass (Kingdom of Ash – again on my list!) by SJM
  • Three Dark Crowns (Five Dark Fates – ^^) by Kendare Blake
  • Ruined (Allied – ^^) by Amy Tintera
  • Themis Files (Only Human) by Sylvain Neuvel
  • The Winner’s Curse (The Winner’s Kiss & The Winner’s Crime) by Marie Rutkoskie
  • Folk of the Air (Queen of Nothing) by Holly Black
  • Spellslinger (Crownbreaker) by Sebastian de Castell
  • Prince of Thorns (Emperor of Thorns) by Mark Lawrence
  • Even the Darkest Stars (All the Wandering Light) by Heather Fawcett

There are more that I’m in the middle of, but these are the ones I’m most excited (and scared) to finish!


 Tell me some of your goals!