Reading Goals

Disclaimer: These are ever changing

But for now, my reading goals for the year 2018 are:

1. Read 91 books

I read 99 books last year, the first time ever that I read so many books, so I want to challenge myself to repeat that great feat ( and I have a thing for odd numbers …)

2. Reduce my TBR to 77 books

(AHAHAHA Never gonna happen after my last book haul!)

3. Finish as many series as possible

(I know this is quite vague, but that was intentional. I wanted to just put my focus on this without having to strain to actually reach a certain number). Perfect would be to finish more series than I started, but … well, I love to start new series!

4. Focus on Books I got as a gift

(So Far I am very good with this one. I want to read at least one book a month that I got from someone)

5. Read all the books on my ‘Already Read Shelf’

(I didn’t wanna split series up, so there were some (40-ish) books on here that I hadn’t actually read … )

6. Get my NetGalley Ratio up to 90%

I’m currently at 80% (started from 20% I think, so not bad, not bad!)

Update: After a requesting spree I’m back to 57% … Definitely have to work on that one!