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#NetGalleyNovember (& other monthly plans)

I can’t believe it’s already November! The time is really flying by, so it’s definitely time to look at some of my yearly goals and try to get some headway with them.  And one goal I have every year (and actually succeeded at last year - so proud!) is getting my NetGalley shelf to the… Continue reading #NetGalleyNovember (& other monthly plans)

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Orilium TBR – The Novice Path – Magical Readathon

This is Aeldia, the world G created for her wonderful Magical Readathon 2.0. Completely new and shiny and incredible! It's honestly mindblowing how much work, and love, and dedication went into this! If you wanna know all the details watch the announcement video here (if you haven't already, since this is up super late. Half… Continue reading Orilium TBR – The Novice Path – Magical Readathon

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September TBR – Bookopoly Edition

Okay, this month is gonna be absolutely crazily busy with Uni work, but I still ... couldn't resist participating in the Bookopoly Readathon hosted by Becca from Becca and the Books. It just sounded like so much fun (with the possibility to go terrible).* *I wrote this September 1st ... and then everything got busy… Continue reading September TBR – Bookopoly Edition

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May TBR – aka me trying to finish some series

I have the very bad habit of starting a million series and very rarely finishing them. So I decided last month that I would dedicate as much time as possible towards making progress or hopefully even finishing some series. It was one of my goals to finish (9 I think?) series and I really need… Continue reading May TBR – aka me trying to finish some series

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November TBR starring the Greek Gods (#Mythothon)

I'm in such a Readathon mood lately. I've failed some (witchathon, shame on me) due to a little reading slump, but I'm back in the game and going strong. This particular readathon intrigued me because it's all based on Greek mythology. I've always loved Greek mythology since my grandpa told me all the stories when… Continue reading November TBR starring the Greek Gods (#Mythothon)

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Reading the lowest rated books (Goodreads)

I was inspired to do this by Lala over at Booksandlala. I loved her video and the idea honestly and it fits well with my other reading goals for this year (reading a lot of the books I've had for over a year etc). She decided to read the lowest rated books on Goodreads that… Continue reading Reading the lowest rated books (Goodreads)