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Orilium TBR – The Novice Path – Magical Readathon

This is Aeldia, the world G created for her wonderful Magical Readathon 2.0. Completely new and shiny and incredible! It's honestly mindblowing how much work, and love, and dedication went into this! If you wanna know all the details watch the announcement video here (if you haven't already, since this is up super late. Half… Continue reading Orilium TBR – The Novice Path – Magical Readathon

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September TBR – Bookopoly Edition

Okay, this month is gonna be absolutely crazily busy with Uni work, but I still ... couldn't resist participating in the Bookopoly Readathon hosted by Becca from Becca and the Books. It just sounded like so much fun (with the possibility to go terrible).* *I wrote this September 1st ... and then everything got busy… Continue reading September TBR – Bookopoly Edition

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July TBR & OWLs (Late … again. I’m awful)

Why?? Why can't I post on time? Ever? But honestly, it's kinda my brand by now ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't know how that happened, but I missed the OWL readathon by @BookRoast in April and since she recently announced the NEWTs readathon taking place in August (and of course you can only take the NEWTs… Continue reading July TBR & OWLs (Late … again. I’m awful)

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My very late (what’s new) Cramathon Wrap Up

I loved Cramathon! I got back into the swing of really sitting down and read. I felt like I might get into a reading slump right before, but fortunately, that wasn't the case! I had such a good time! I actually finished all 7 challenges (well if we're really honest, I didn't, because I finished… Continue reading My very late (what’s new) Cramathon Wrap Up