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Judgement Day by Josie Jaffrey

I received a free e-ARC in exchange for an honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.

Judgement Day by Josie Jaffrey (Seekers 2)

Judgement Day
Series: Seekers

Author: Josie Jaffrey

Published: May 6th 2021
by Silver Sun Books

Genre: (Urban) Fantasy

Length: 384 pages

Source: free e-ARC from the author

Content Warnings

violence, murder, blood, gore, injuries, dead bodies, mention of child neglect, detailed autopsy and forensic investigation, sexual content (consensual), blood-drinking, drugs, alcohol. Josie has a complete list of all content warnings in all her currently published books that you can find on her website!


Synopsis red

Vampires don’t get happily ever afters.

Jack Valentine finally has her shit together. She has a great job, great friends (well, one at least) and a girlfriend whom she loves, even if she can’t work up the courage to tell her that yet. Unfortunately, she also has an archnemesis who’s about to punish her crimes in the worst possible way: by making her spend time with him.

Which she could cope with, maybe, if she didn’t have problems at work as well. When the body of a human judge is found in a locked library, there’s no denying that she was murdered by one of the Silver – by a vampire – and the evidence points worryingly close to home. If that wasn’t bad enough, some of Jack’s least favourite people are opening a new blood bar in Oxford with questionable motives. For Jack and her team, it’s becoming increasingly hard to separate allies from enemies.

With conspiracies on every side, the simmering tensions in Silver society are about to come to a head. As usual, Jack intends to be right in the middle of it. She does like it when things get messy.

My Thoughts red

I flew through the pages and it still hasn’t left my mind. Mainly because of how it ended! (That was … something!)

Judgement Day is the second instalment in the Seekers series, an urban fantasy/paranormal series. It’s one of the few Vampire books I read and loved. Each book has a mystery element, too, as we follow Jack who is a Seeker, basically the vampire police, that has to solve Silver crimes. Although the Silver have a slightly different take on what a crime is … which is a part of how we left off May Day.

I was sucked right back into the story from page 1 and honestly? I couldn’t put it back down until I had finished it. I flew the pages and loved all the tension.

Jack is a brilliant main character because she is stubborn, determined and moody and sometimes does stupid things because of it, but she can acknowledge that which I greatly appreciate. And she is very sassy and sarcastic, especially around the Baron (I live for this!) Another plus in this second book was that we got to explore Jack’s (and a few others) more vulnerable sides. Some scenes really tucked on my heartstrings.

The way she reacts in the “court” scene and the discussions about what she did in book 1 … amazing! And her reaction to her punishment … poor Jack

The way the relationship between her and Tabitha progressed was super realistic and got super … let’s say interesting … towards the end. Definitely didn’t see that coming.
Talking about characters, I think I’ve already said that in my review of book 1 but I quite like Boyd. We got to see another side of him in this book and I really enjoyed that. The whole Seeker team is so fun to read about because they are all so different from each other and that makes for some really fun scenes.

The stakes got higher in this and I was here for that. Jack didn’t only have to solve a murder with her team, keep the relationship with Tabitha going while having to deal with Drake but also something bigger. And I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it yet. Colour me excited!

I already knew I would enjoy Judgement Day but, as did book 1, it surprised me how much I loved it. And I keep thinking about the end and I am not okay with having to wait!! I need the next one.

If you love a unique take on vampires, mixed with some murder mystery with complex characters, lots of tension and witty banter and a writing style that grips you from page one … this is for you!
I’ve also read the first book in Josie Jaffrey’s other series, The Gilded King and really enjoyed it but I have to say, I prefer the Seekers series!


Love, El red

What is your favourite Vampire book?
And what was the last book that surpassed your expectations?
Tell me in the comments! xx

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