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March TBR (aka me getting back on track??)

Hi lovely people,

I’m currently in this really weird middle state of slowly coming out of a slump and being so excited to read all the books but at the same time being really hesitant to be too excited cause of fear of falling right back again into the slump. Especially now that the new semester at Uni started yesterday. And I already have way too much to do.

That being said, this is my tentative TBR. Books I’m excited about to read and that I hopefully will manage to pick up during march, but if not … that’s fine, too. For most of them you can expect to see reviews, too. A lot of them are ARCs or review copies. (Yay)

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.


First I’m super excited for two Readathons/-alongs.

The first one is Witchlandsalong hosted by Jadeyraereads. You can watch her announcement video here


Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

I’ve had my eyes on this series since the first book came out. I’ve seen it quite a lot on Booktube but somehow I never ended up reading it or even purchasing it. My interest continued though. It just seemed the time was never right, so this is the perfect opportunity! Readalongs are allways so much fun!

I don’t really remember in detail what it’s about, other than one of the characters can see if someone lies (duh) and that it’s about friendship? Maybe?

Anyways, I’m super excited!

Next readathon is Bookapolothon hosted by Becca and the Books (Announcement Video here)

This sounds like so much fun. I’ve wanted to participate in the previous rounds of this readathon but it never really fit my schedule. But this one might!

The first two prompts that we already know are Dark Cover and Fantasy. Both really vague and fit tons of books, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find something to read. I’ll probably combine both, so I don’t feel like I have to read so much. I can get sliiiightly competitive with myself when it comes to reading challenges 😅

I’m not gonna set anything yet, as the readathon is around the 20th and I’ll see what I’m in the mood for then or haven’t read yet. Going easy on myself here ^^



Other than that, my TBR is mainly ARCs and review copies as I have some amazing books lined up and need to get a headstart.

56333627._sy475_The Gatekeeper of Pericael by Hayley Reese Chow

Hayley approached me a few weeks ago if I wanted to give her middle-grade a go and I, of course, said yes. Middle-Grade books are perfect for slump-ish times in my opinion. I’ve already started it a few days ago and I can already tell that I’ll like it. I’ve only read a few pages yet though.

But I quite like the writing style and main character so far.

This is gonna be my read for the rest of this week since I have tons to do for Uni and need something to keep me sane.

57197464._sy475_The Sword in the Street by C. M. Caplan

Okay, I can’t even tell you how incredibly thrilled I was when I got the email that I got chosen to participate in the Blog Tour hosted by Shealea (@CaffeineTours). I am beyond excited and so happy!

This book has an impoverished swordsman, an autistic (!) boyfriend trying to learn thaumaturgy to help boost his boyfriends skills. So, we have swords and duelling, dangerous magic, lgbtq+ rep and an academia setting … what more could you wish for?

You can expect my review on March 10th, but you should totally check everyon elses posts out, too (there is gonna be some awesome creative content)


11250317The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Yeah, I know, I’m super duper late to the party. And I don’t know why but I was always soooo hesitant of picking this up. I was so scared I would’t like it. I got burned with books based on Greek mythology previously. I grew up with those stories and am kinda sensitive when it comes to how they are portrayed.

Then I read Circe and wasn’t the biggest fan (think I gave it 3 stars?) but curtesy of the Alphabethon I started this in february and it’s better than expected so far! I really wanna finish it since I have a german review copy of this and need to get on with reviewing it (my netgalley ratio just got under 80% again and we cannot tolarate that!! I took me ages to get it this high!)

shadowofruin.jpgIn The Shadow of Ruin by Tony Debajo

Another one that sounds positively awesome. In the Shadow of Ruin is inspired by ancient nigerian mythology. We have two half-brothers fighting for a throne, gods and witches and it was promised to me as having grim dark elements (which I looove) so, again. This sounds sooo good! And different from my recent reads! Can’t wait to tell you all about it when I’ve read it.

Also, the cover is to die for! So beautiful!

P.S. I couln’t find it on Goodreads yet, so I’ve linked the authors page so you can check out the synopsis if you want ^^


Lady SmokeLady Smoke by Laura Sebastian

And last but not least … I need an audiobook. Since most of my reading last year consisted of audiobooks, I think it’s safe to say that I won’t make a whole month just with reading physical/e-copies … no sir!

I’ve read the first book ages ago and remember really enjoying it, so it’s high time for me to finally continue with the series. I’m really curious to see how everything continues. I even remember most of the important things of Ash Princess (which is a small miracle) and it’s been on my tbr for way too long!


Other than that I’m currently super into True Crime Podcasts and it’s the best thing ever!

Design ohne Titel-4

What books are you most excited for in march? Have you read any of the ones I plan to read?


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