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Alphabethon TBR

Hi everyone. It’s been a while but … ahm, we’ll ignore that for now. I plan to make a post about why I was mia and a more life update kinda post (if you’d be intereted in that?) later, but for now I wanted to post my Alphabethon TBR since it’s kinda time sensitive.

The readathon started today and ends on the 28th. the main idea is to read books that either the authors first or last name starts with a certain letter or the title of the book. this rounds letter is M.

It’s been surprisingly easy to find books that fit this, M seems to be a really popular letter.

There are also challenges, but there are not required or anything and since I am stressed™ this week (or rather this next few months but we don’t talk about this in this house. We ignore the problem, we can’t see it) I’m not gonna focus on them at all.

Also, my tbr isn’t really a tbr … ookay, stay with me here please. I’ve been in the biggest reading slump lately, like I’ve never been before. It’s been horrible. But thanks to fanfiction (all hail the fanfiction) I’m slowly coming out of it. But this is a precarious peace with the book gods right now so we need to tread carefully as not to anger them again.

So, since I’m unable (or unwilling) to stick to a strict tbr even for a week … I’ve compiled a list of books/authors that fit the criteria and I’m looking forward to reading.

So without further ado, here’s the #Alphabethon: Letter M edition Mood Board:*

The Tangleroot Palace - Marjorie Liu   32571395._sy475_ 5320592444806008._sy475_ 8306741._sy475_  3446034956881280._sy475_   28680528   37491890._sy475_

*I’ve linked the Goodreads pages for the books on the cover photos if you want to check any of them out (at least I hope I did)

I feel like this is a pretty good “base” selection since I’ve got different genres like fantasy, scifi, thriller and a classic (I know not a genre … but eh), YA and Adult, short and longer books and even a graphic novel.

I might just binge the whole Wayward Children series again, because I’ve recently read Come Tumbling Down and it was like coming home. A feeling I could really need right now. Or binge the whole The Queen’s Thief series again so I can finish it. I’ve loved loved loved the first 4 books. So underrated! (Expect a post about this soon-ish!)

Or, if they arrive in time … I’ve just ordered the next two Volumes in the Monstress Graphic Novel series. I really enjoyed the first two installments and I might even read them again to refresh my mind? Also I think they wold fit one of the challneges, that was to have a character with a name that starts with M? (Don’t quote me on that) Oh, and for the one that has both, an author and a title with M! So perfect actually.

*P.S. You can check out our Twitter account for the readathon @Alphabethon
to see the challenges and follow us for the next rounds!


Do you have any recommendations for authors or titles with M? Should I prioritize any of the books above? Are you participating in any cool readathons soon? Talk to me in the comments 💚


7 thoughts on “Alphabethon TBR

  1. Oh my gosh, your feelings with the book gods right now is also me. I left blogging for a year and was in a slump for that long too (life stuff) and I attempted to pick up a book and i’m so happy to be loving it but also part of me is like please don’t take this away again!

    I’d love to see a life update if you’d like to share what’s been happening.

    Other than Frankenstein and One of Us is Lying, you’ve introduced me to a bunch of books here! Thank you! In terms of my recommendations for authors beginning with m…. not gonna lie the only book staring back at my bookshelf right now Becoming by Michelle Obama (still on my TBR) other than that I am a fan of Sarah J Maas’ stories!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, I’m so glad you’re enjoying what you’re reading right now!! Hope it stays that way for you. Because yes, the fear is real to fall right back into the slump.
      I intented to leave blogging for way longer than I did, but it didn’t relax me either so I thought, let’s try it again 😅

      Uh, I’ve wanted to check out Becoming! And yes, I love SJM. Her stories are so addictive, too. Which I feel is exactly what I need right now. Hopefully I can pick up Silver Flames this month. Have you read it yet?

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      1. Sorry I’ve only just seen this, i’ve ended up in another little slump because of work issues. 😦 But I am trying to bring myself back before 6 months disappears again! I haven’t managed to pick up Silver Flames yet, but keep hearing amazing things. Have you? x


  2. AH El!!! It’s so lovely to see a post from you!!! OF COURSE I would love to see a life update from you. I’m really sorry to hear about all the stressful stuff. And oof, I feel you on the book gods. I’ve been slowly coming out of a heavy book slump last month and I want that momentum to stay, but also I don’t want to push myself into reading too fast too soon cause somehow I feel like that’s going to make me relapse again (why am I making this sound so serious lol). Gotta make some good offerings to the book gods, I guess.

    Interested to see what you think of Winter’s Orbit! That was a lovely read with lovely characters. And I am insanely excited for Tangleroot Palace. 😀 I would probably recommend Erin Morgenstern and Silvia Moreno-Garcia (though I still have to check out their releases from last year :P)

    All my love!! ❤

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    1. Aww, thank you! This comment really made my day! 💙 And I’ll try to get the life update up soon-ish, but I keep changing up what I want to include 😅
      Fingers crossed you continue to get out of that slump!! I feel like 2020 and all really put a lot of people in a slump. And yes, I think it’s best to keep things as low key and fun as possible and not push too fast for too much otherwise it’s right back to square one. (And this is a very serious matter! lol)

      Me too, I’m so excited for Tangleroot Palace. I loved the Monstress GRaphic novels, have you read them? They are soo good!
      And right, how could I forget Silvia Moreno-Garcia!! I’ve wanted to read Mexican Gothic since forever!! I also haven’t read Erin Morgenstern yet and I’m a little scared to at this point. The expectations are so high ^^


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