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September TBR – Bookopoly Edition

Okay, this month is gonna be absolutely crazily busy with Uni work, but I still … couldn’t resist participating in the Bookopoly Readathon hosted by Becca from Becca and the Books. It just sounded like so much fun (with the possibility to go terrible).*

*I wrote this September 1st … and then everything got busy and I never finished it … so that shows you how my month will go ^^

I decided to go for 6 rolls, to keep my TBR manageable … but Bookopoly did me DIRTY and I rolled two doubles … so 8 it is:

Dark Cover

First roll I got the prompt: Dark Cover and decided to finally read Serpent & Dove.
I don’t know why it took me so long to put this book on my tbr … maybe I was afraid I would like it too much? And then some more mixed reviews came in and I guess I wanted to wait a bit so I could read it with a fresh mind?
But anyway … it’s been on my shelves unread way too long!

Some other TBR Game

There are sooooo many cool TBR Games to choose from … but since most of them required things that I don’t have or waaay too much prep on my part I decided to go with the TBR Twister. And to make things a bit more … evil and difficult for me … I used the bookopoly chance cards for this, since none of them came up in my rolls. To refresh you minds, 8 cards had books on them I am super excited to read and 8 books I actually don’t really want to read (right now!) And because I’m just that lucky (lol) I got the one book I dreaded the most! The Goldfinch/Der Distelfink by Donna Tartt. I’m not sure why I have such an aversion to reading it because I should actually adore it, it ticks all my boxes … but something … eh.

Oh and on top of getting the worst possible book, I also rolled a double, so one additional roll

First in a series

The third roll actually went pretty well for me because I could include my first blog tour book in here. May Day by Josie Jaffrey.

I’m really intrigued by the premise of this one, it’s a murder mystery with Vampires! I mean, come on! It sounds incredible and I really enjoyed Josie’s other book The Gilded King and know I love her writing style. Also, she was kind enough to send me a physical arc (signed le shriek)

I’m on the Blog Tour for this one so look out for my review on the 25th.

5 Star Prediction

I could have chosen so many for this, but I decided to go with another blog tour book. One that I was especially excited about, The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I’m lately reading more crime/thriller/mystery books again and this one fits right in with that.
It’s a fast-paced mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time, with wonderful complex characters and a ending that will leave you wanting more!

I already read this (since I’m posting this TBR pretty late … shame on my cow …) and it was incredible!! If you wanna know more about my thoughts, please check out my review: Blog Tour: The Inheritance Games

Big Book (>500 pages)

Okay, I admit at first I wasn’t too keen on this … I mean seriously? I have enough this month already (insert me whining about the unfairness of life in a melodramatic wail) but then I remembered the book I’ve been only DYING to read all year! Ever since I read the first book. The Ikessar Falcon by K.S. Villoso is only my most anticipated release this year and I GOT AN ARC!!!! A beautiful print ARC that I can’t stop staring at in wonder. The book gods were generous with this gift. Also it’s around 600 pages so perfect for this prompt.

P.S. You wanna know what the series is about and what I thought? Check out: Blog Tour Review + Fav Quotes: The Wolf of Oren-Yaro


Again, I had quite a lot to choose from but I got another review copy in my TBR (not that bad, eh?) and chose Abgrund by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, an icelandic crime author that I love. It’s the forth book in her new series about a police officer and a psychologist specializing in kids. I got all the 3 previous books from the publisher as well and I love reading them. I always fly through them!

The English title is Gallows Rock btw. I can really recommend this series, although please be careful because the first book in particular is quite brutal and graphic so content warnings galore for that one!! (It’s really good though)

POC Representation

I recently got A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne Brown and it sounds incredibly. So if I have enough time I will definitely pick this one up. I originally planned to go for the audiobook version on scribd but they’ve been mean!! and have blocked it till October for me … so yeah. I somehow have to find the time to read it physically which I am less and less sure will happen. But we will see … I’m super looking forward to it though and if I don’t get to it this month I will for sure read it in October!!

If you’re not aware yet, this is inspired by WEst-African folklore and features, if I’m not terribly mistakes, enemies to lovers (only one of my all-time fav tropes ever!)

This was also another double. so it wasn’t, unfortunately, my last roll …

Becca Recommendation

For this I tentatively chose Wutherin Heights because I have a stunning illustrated edition that I wanted to read for months now … but again, I’m really not confident I can read that much. Or should read that much tbh.

So this might change and I’ll just go for the shorter rec I can find ^

So those are all the books I plan to read in September … and I’m 99% sure I won’t get to all of them … but knowing me, I’ll try and don’t get anything else done. Which is just not an option this month!! So fingers crossed I’ll actually behave!

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