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Best Books of 2019

I know that is a liiiittle bit late. BUT it’s not yet May (which I joked was my deadline for this post), so are you all proud of me??
Okay, seriously. I know this is ridiculously late but I figured it’s a post celebrating books and that’s always welcome, right?

Since we are already so late, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it!

Guest Post by M.L. Wang-4

The Sword of Kaigen by M.L. Wang

THE-SWORD-OF-KAIGEN-coverA mother struggling to repress her violent past,
A son struggling to grasp his violent future,
A father blind to the danger that threatens them all.

I loved this book to pieces! And I’m so incredibly glad I was on the blog tour for it because I might have never read it otherwise! And I would’ve have missed meeting on of my new all-time fav characters: Misaki. Everyone is super interesting in this book, but she is just … I don’t know. She’s incredible! And if you haven’t read this adult high military fantasy you should do it right now! (Check out my review for it here: The Sword of Kaigen Blog Tour – Review + Author Guest Post!!)

Blackwing by Ed McDonald


“Fight the battles you can win, run from those you can’t. Good words to keep you alive.”

Blackwing is a grimdark adult fantasy and a debut and it’s fantastic! The world is pretty hopeless and our mc is pretty done at this point. He is not a hero but still stumbles into this story and does what he can to help. And I liked him immediately.
I loved the writing style and the dialogue. And once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It’s brutal and dark. It’s also a really intriguing world and magic system and I can’t wait to read the sequel!

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

The Poppy War“What’s the worst that could happen?” “You’re so young,” he said softly. “You have no idea.”

“War doesn’t determine who’s right. War determines who remains.”

While we are talking about dark and brutal … I adored The Poppy War!! It’s so incredible. Rin is extremely intriguing and I loved following her journey. It’s definitely a book I’ll reread multiple times! the world is so rich, the characters all very well crafted, unique and with believable flaws. I never knew what to expect and I loved every second I spent with this book!

*(Trigger warning so basically everything though)

Shadowblack by Sebastian De Castell


“Perfect,’ she said, then promptly sat down in the dirt. ‘I’m just going to sit here until the world starts making sense, if that’s all right.’
‘You might be waiting a long time,’ I said.”

I could’ve put the whole Spellslinger series on this list but this one, in particular, was my fav. It has all I adored about the first book: chaotic but clever Kellen, murderous Reichis,  and Argosi Ferius plus Seneira who was waaay better than Nephenia! Also, the witty and sarcastic writing style was right up my alley!! If you are in need of a series to be fully immersed in, with lots of moments to love and a group of outlaws stumbling from one dire situation to the next … read it!

I also have a soft spot for this series because I’ve buddy read all but the last book in this series with my lovely magical weirdos and we had the best time ever!! Love you all!!

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner


“I am a master of foolhardy plans.”

“You learn something new everyday.”
“What are you learning?” Sophos asked.
“To keep my mouth shut, I hope.”

This series is criminally underrated!! I read it as part of my backlist reading challenge and oh boy am I glad I didn’t unhaul them before! Gen is so funny and clever and I loved the world, the myth and gods, and the schemes! All (four) books I’ve read so far are 5 stars so I highly recommend you picking them up! I don’t wanna tell you much about these books because it’s better to go in blind. But trust me, they’re awesome!

One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence

One Work Kill

“Truth may often be the first casualty of war, but dignity is definitely the first casualty of disease.”

“It’s always a shock, when you’ve been hit by some calamity, to see the world go about its business with perfect indifference.”

This was my first real venture into sci-fi and I only did it because I trust Mark Lawrence! And this book is perfection! The way he managed to really capture the voice of a teenage boy, the way this group of friends interacted and are so close knit even though they are so different … and then, of course, the way it talked about cancer!

The time travel element was so well done! I loved reading about the quantum physics theories, multiverses and all that! So fascinating! (If you wanna read my more in-depth thought: Review: One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence)

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

Sleeping Giants“It would make things easier for both of us, especially for you, if we could forgo the part of this conversation where you take me for a complete idiot…”

“I thought something bad might have happened to him. It’s nice to know he just doesn’t want to talk to me.”

This was my next dive into the sci-fi genre and I did it because Jude recommended it to me … I think she just wanted me to suffer!
I still haven’t read the last book because I’m scared … but oh my gosh, I love this series and all the characters so incredibly much! The plot is very cool and I adore the interview style it’s written in!

Everything I never told you by Celest Ng

Everything I Never Told You
“Before that she hadn’t realized how fragile happiness was, how if you were careless, you could knock it over and shatter it.”

I recently got Jude this for her birthday and … it might be my revenge for recommending Letters to the Lost and Sleeping Giants! Because this book will break your heart. It was phenomenal and I read it in one sitting!!

I loved the way it was written, the different POVs and just the quiet way the catastrophe unfolded. It’s very character-focused with themes of racism and sexism. It’s very powerful in its subtlety.

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

The Bone WitchIn the captivating start to a new, darkly lyrical fantasy series, Tea can raise the dead, but resurrection comes at a price.

“You think in the same way men drink, Tea,” my father once said, “far too much—under the delusion it is too little.”

I fell head over heels in love with this book and Rin Chupeco! I can’t even really describe it what it is but I was captivated with Tea and her story! It’s phenomenal and intriguing and just pure perfection! the dual timelines are such a cool and brilliantly implemented idea and just … ahhhh, go read it, everyone!!

And last but certainly not least:

The Wicked King by Holly Black

26032887._sy475_“The three of you have one solution to every problem. Murder. No key fits every lock.” Cardan gives us all a stern look, holding up a long-fingered hand with my stolen ruby ring still on one finger. “Someone tries to betray the High King, murder. Someone gives you a harsh look, murder. Someone disrespects you, murder. Someone ruins your laundry, murder.”

“If he thought I was bad, I would be worse. If he thought I was cruel, I would be horrifying.”

It’s no secret I like morally grey characters and everyone in Wicked King is soooo delightfully twisted! It speaks to my cold Slytherin heart ^^
I love all the schemes, I love the uncertainty and omg I’m absolute trash for Cardan. And excuse me … but that ending?! How dare you!!

And because it was sooo freaking hard to narrow it down to just 10 … here are 3 honourable mentions!


















What were your fav books last year? Have you read any of the ones I mentioned? Did you like them?

12 thoughts on “Best Books of 2019

  1. Yess !! Letters to the lost has been one that I deeply loved also ❤️

    I haven’t read any one of thoses.. but imma go ahead and plop the BlackWing onto my virtual wanna read- because OMG that cover !!!! And I gotta say although i’m not sure my brain can process this.. your words made me really wanna read that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Letters to the Lost really got me into reading contemporaries. It was so good! 😍 Glad you loved it just as much!!

      The cover was the thing that drew me to Blackwing! It’s so gorgeous and it definitely delivers what it promises. Hope you enjoy it! Fingers crossed I can read the sequel this month.
      Aww and I’m glad I got you interesting in it! Always such a nice thing to hear 💛

      Liked by 1 person

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