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Did I reach my 2019 Reading Goals?

Wow! 2019 has been a year* … It’s been hard and my mental health definitely got worse again but I also had some amazing moments and talked to some lovely people. A lot happened. Maybe I’ll go into more detail in my 2019 Reading Stats …

I just wanted to tell you all know how I actually did regarding my Reading Goals now! And tomorrow I’ll tell you my new ones for 2020!

So let’s see how I did!

* And yes, I know it’s already a bit late for all these ‘end of year – start of new year’ posts
but I wasn’t really in a place to write blog posts before now. (And it’s my brand™ to be late)


1. Read 79 books

We’re starting off great because I totally smashed that! I read 138 books. I never thought I could read so much in a year. But honestly, Scribd is the reason why. I listen to so many audiobooks while I draw/paint, do chores, drive to Uni etc. It’s amazing how much more I can read like that and I loved it even more because I tried books that way I wouldn’t have read otherwise. I tend to only buy books I’m sure I’ll like … which translates to ‘almost exclusively fantasy’ and I listened to 10-20 contemporaries during the summer and loved it!


2. Read all the books I got as a gift before 2019

This was also a goal in 2018. And I failed. And I failed again this year! And spoiler alert … it’s a goal again this year ^^
I’m stubborn, okay? I want to reach this goal! And I’m gonna try until I finally do and if it’s the last thing I’ll evaaaa do!


3. Finish 9 Series

I came sooo close to this one! I finished 8 series. I also reread an entire series … but the goal was to finish series’ I had already started before the year and not reread some series.

I’ll do a 2019 Series Wrap Up in the next few weeks (hopefully) and tell you all about which ones I managed to finish. But spoiler alert again … I did not yet read Kingdom of Ash or Five Dark Fates. I know! Shame on me, my family and my cow!


4. Get my NetGalley Ratio up to 90% 

I mean … no buuuut I got to 82%. The first time ever since I signed up for NetGalley that I was over 80% and I’m determined to not let it go below that again.


5. Read at least 43 backlist books

I did! I’m not gonna list them here because … well, 43 books. But I’ll put them on my Reading Goals page if you want to check them out.

I found some new favourites though. Like the Queens Thief books by Megan Whalen Turner. I LOVE them! So underrated! And to think I was this close to unhauling them unread 😱


6. Lower my physical TBR from 129 to 79

I … no … ahm … I don’t wanna talk about this!

I mean this was a ridiculous goal to begin with. But I have even more unread books now! I bought/got gifted 60 books in total in 2019. And I read 138 … one would think my tbr should at least be lower but noooo. It’s Scribd’s fault! So many cool audiobooks and I listened to so many amazing books in genres I don’t usually reach for which was great but … didn’t help reduce my tbr. At all.


7. Genre Goals

Ha! I got this one! This was my goal …

  • 5 Classics
  • 3 SciFi books
  • 9 Crime/Thriller/Mystery/Horror books
  • 3 Non-Fiction books
  • 5 Historical Fiction books
  • 9 Contemporaries

… and I completed each of these. Okay, I have to count Agatha Christie books as classics (which I didn’t wanna do originally because I listen to them all the time and I wanted to read more other classics … but, come on. I need to have some accomplishments! I read two other classics as well, so it’s not like I didn’t do anything.

And I easily read all the others. Which surprised me the most with SciFi because I read like 6 or so without even really noticing and I was most scared about those.


So, 3 out of 7. That’s not that bad. But let’s do even better this year!


How did you do? Did you reach your Reading Goals? I’d love to know more about them!

9 thoughts on “Did I reach my 2019 Reading Goals?

  1. Congratulations, I love the idea of all of these different reading goals, I might try some of these myself.

    Great post

    V Nerd x

    Liked by 1 person

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