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Review: The Sword of the Spirit by Rob Keeley

I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
All opinions are my own.

The Sword of the Spirit

Title: The Sword of the Spirit
Author: Rob Keeley

Series: Spirits #3

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
Published July 28th 2016

Paperback, 128 pages
4 stars


This is the third book in this series* that I read and I can wholeheartedly say that I love reading them. They are a little like comfort food for me. In the best way. Make me want to read more middle grade again!

*If you haven’t read the first two yet check out my reviews here: Childish Spirits & The Spirit of London

The Sword of the Spirit is a little different than the previous two instalments. This time there are no ghosts (at first). Instead, we get a real (and a little confused) knight. But just like in the other books we get to see history and present interwoven and I love how seamlessly that always happens.

Ellie is back at her Mom’s new workplace, Holiley Castle. Everyone has a lot to do. A film crew will come soon because an archaeological team is digging to hopefully find the lost (and maybe cursed) Sword of St Merrell. A big fayre will start the next day and entertainers and musicians are expected to arrive soon. And that’s a good thing because then Sir Francis Fitzberranger won’t be the only one in ‘costume’. And he is, Ellie discovers, a born entertainer. He knows how to work a crowd and show off.

He is very much a man of his time which Ellie takes very well but it does make for some really funny conversations!

He is not the only complication Ellie has to deal with though. If you’ve read the two previous books you know that her parents are going through a (rather nasty) divorce. Ellie’s Dad is in her Mom’s bad books … and to be honest in Ellie’s too. She hasn’t really forgiven him yet for trying to trick her.

And now he suddenly appears as the new handyman! And as you can expect: chaos ensues.

The arrogant and ignorant Tv guy Chris is honestly soooo horrible!! And the fact that he broke an ancient wax seal!! despite being told by the archaeological team not to!! just for his subpar tv show!! … heartbreaking! My poor anthropology studying heart almost couldn’t take it! He totally got what he deserved.

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The writing style is great, as usual. Fits the story very well and flows well. I really liked the balance of funny scenes with the sense of what’s coming and a little danger.

I also really appreciate how Ellie learns that her actions, even when done with the best intentions, can have serious and unpredictable consequences.

She has a big heart though! And I love how proactive she is this time in finding out information. I really enjoyed the brief scene with Edward! He always puts a smile on my face and I really missed him!

I’m really curious to see what’s next for her and how her actions in this book develop further. If you haven’t started reading them, but you love middle-grade ghost stories … what are you waiting for?

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