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January TBR

So, it’s a new year … a new decade! That’s crazy!

One of my goals this year if to be more organised and one way to incorporate that into my reading and blogging is to bring back my TBR categories. I actually loved doing them but since I participated in so many readathons this year I stopped using them.

I changed them up a bit to align with my 2020 Reading Goals (post coming soon! … I think), so I might actually reach them this year!

But let’s stop talking and jump right into the books I’m planning (hoping!!) to read this month. Just a disclaimer: This month is insanely busy for me (I have a ton of exams!) so this can go two ways. I’ll do what I’m best at: procrastinate hardcore. In that case, I’ll read everything on this list because my Slytherin ambition is only focused on reading, or I’ll actually be a good little student and study for my exams and won’t manage to read that much … I’m taking bets 😇


Finish what I started

Anna Undreaming
Anna Undreaming
I can’t tell you how much I love this book! It’s absolutely fantastic. And yes, I’ve been reading this for ages but it’s just because I hadn’t had much time. And because this is one of those books that I wanna take my time with and fully bath in its brilliance!



Never-Contented Things
Never-Contented Things
Same case with this one. I’m actually really enjoying it. I was a bit hesitant about picking it up because of the mixed reviews I’ve been seeing. But I really enjoyed the parts I’ve read. I’m about two thirds into this and I’m really curious to see how it will end.



The Lies of Locke Lamora
The Lies of Locke Lamora

I actually got the German version for review and I’m so damn excited for this. For one because my best friend and I are kind of buddy reading this unintentionally. And secondly, because this is the epitome of a Slytherin book I’ve been told. And from what I already read (yes, I started this in December) I can totally see why people say that. Locke is such a Slytherin and I love it!


I have a couple of other books I’m currently reading. But they aren’t really a priority this month. I have quite a few books that are review copies etc that some other ones have to take a back seat for this month.

Sequels (continue or finish a series)

Lady Smoke
Lady Smoke

I received this for review just like I did Ash Princess a while ago and since I loved the first one I couldn’t stop myself from requesting the sequel as well.

I got this in audiobook format which makes it even better!
Can’t wait to see what Theo does after how Ash Princess ended.

Review Copies / ARCs

This could be an endless list because I have absolutely no s(h)elf control … but I’m gonna limit this to the most urgent ones. And/or the ones I’m most excited for.

The Friday Edition


The Friday Edition

I’m participating in the Blog Tour for this book (from Jan 27th – Feb 2nd). So this one definitely needs to be read this month! It does sound intriguing though and I’m in the mood for a murder mystery, so I shouldn’t have any troubles reading this soon.



The Absolution / R.I.P.

You can’t imagine how excited I’m for this one and how thankful that I can review this series. It’s the third book in the new series by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir and I loved both of the other books. And I actually got the hardback for this one?? I actually squeaked when I opened the package because I did not expect that!

Anyhow, if I can I really want to read it this month! It’s the right season for it.


Vengeance Road
Vengeance Road

I don’t know why I haven’t picked this up sooner. I’ve got this a couple years ago from my mom for Christmas (I believe?) and I was so excited because first: that cover is stunning! Love it so much!! And second: I haven’t read a Western (can you say that in English???) before. I love watching those kinds of movies as I grew up with them, always watched them with my Dad, but I’ve never read one!

So, if I can find any time (doubtful) I’ll pick this one up.

Genre Goals

This just means that I should pick a book that’s in one of my genres I want to try to read more of (Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, Contemporary, Thrillers/Crime/Mystery & Classics)

In Some Other Life


In Some Other Life

This is another case of … I’m just in love with the cover? I don’t even know why exactly. I’ve seen someone talk about this book a few years ago. Probably five or more? And since then In some other Life hasn’t left my brain. So I finally put this on my wishlist and my lovely Secret Santa Laura got it for me! Hope it’s good!


Got as a Gift

Rendezvous mit einem Oktopus

The Soul of an octopus / Rendezvous mit einem Oktopus

My mom just gifted me this book for Christmas and I’m honestly really looking forward to diving into it. It sounds so cool! I love that my Mom now gifts me books she thinks I will like but that aren’t ones I would necessarily pick out myself. I’ve found some incredible books this way!




As always, I think I’ve gone a bit overboard with my reading plans … but again, a lot of procrastination potential this month so maybe I’ll actually manage it 😅
What are your plans this month? Tell me in the comments and/or link your TBR 🖤

9 thoughts on “January TBR

  1. I really love the way you’ve divided your TBR into ones which you need to finish up, sequels and then backlist books as well as ARCs! I think that is a great balance to have, and I hope you can read all of these. I would love to get to Vengeance Road soon too. Can’t wait to see what you’ll think.

    Olivia-S @ Olivia’s Catastrophe


  2. I made a TBR list and it has totally gone left😂. I was supposed to be reading aurora rising but now I’m reading Killing commendatore. I’m hoping I can finish KC quickly so that I can get back to reading other books on my list.


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