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December TBR

I think it’s been a while since I wrote a tbr post … hasn’t it?

And I don’t know how clever it is to write one for this month because I don’t know how much I’ll have time to read, I’m currently in a weird mood that I don’t know what genre I want to read and the readathon I’m participating in doesn’t allow for a lot of prep (which is actually kinda cool but not so much for a tbr post) So .. I’ll list a couple books I think I would like to read but we’ll see at the end of the month if any of them actually happened^^


Blog Tour Books

The Weight of a SoulThe Weight of a Soul by Elizabeth Tammi

I read the debut novel of this author and while I think I gave it only 3 Stars and didn’t enjoy it that much I am still interested in this. I love Mythology and maybe this one will be a better fit for me. The premise sounds really cool and you can expect my review on the 5th.




The Devil's Apprentice

The Devil’s Apprentice by Kenneth B. Andersen

I am really looking forward to this. As far as I know, this is a middle-grade/early YA book about a good boy accidentally ending up in hell. This has the potential to be so much fun?  And like it could be a breath of fresh air and change my usual reading up a bit which I’m all here for.




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Readathons/Buddy Reads

The Dragon Republic

The Dragon Republic by R.F.Kuang

I really like the way this The WinterTrial (?) is set up. It’s not about how much you read but actually the opposite! The fewer books you read and complete all the prompts, the better! And I found a book that fits them all! Yay!
Also, I’m very excited for this. I loved The Poppy War and can’t wait to dive into this now.




Queenslayer by Sebastian de Castell

You may already know this, but I’m buddy reading the whole Spellslinger Series with a couple friends and this month it’s Queenslayer and you can’t imagine how much I was looking forward to this!! I adored all the previous books and loved talking about them with the girls! Best idea we ever had!!



We already got the first prompt for the Winter Edition of The Magical Readathon and my first prompt is read the most recently acquired book and I’m still debating whether to go with the most recent physical book (then it would be one of my Folio Society books) or audio- or e-book … (Then it would be either Lady Smoke or The Weight of a Soul) We’ll see I guess. 

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And last few are the books I’m already currently reading

Never-Contented Things

Never Contented Things by Sarah Porter

I’ve been reading this for a while now and I’d really love to finish it soon. But other books just kept interrupting!! (That happens if you participate in too many readathons, kids!)

I’m at 40% currently so I think I should manage to finish it this month! It’s really good so far and I’m quite curious to see how this will end. Don’t have any idea yet.




Illuminae by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

I started this for a readathon last month (I think?) and I really absolutely loved it. And that surprised me so much!
I’m not the biggest sci-fi reader and I honestly thought this would be one of those hyped books I would never read … Glad I started it! Thanks to the push from the readathon (needed a book that starts with an I …)



The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

Aaaand another book I started for a readathon. This was actually the group book for Slytherin for The One to Rule Them All Readathon Hogwarts Edition … but I didn’t manage to finish it. Turns out though that my best friend just started reading this, too. We’ve never talked about this book before!! That was so fun to realize and now we turned this into a very low-key buddy read. We never read the same books!!



Anna Undreaming

Anna Undreaming by Thomas Welsh

I am so mad at myself that I haven’t finished this yet, but as I said earlier … I had no self-control and joined every readathon under the sun for November and the poor books I had started before that just — got pushed back and back again.
this will definitely be my priority now!
Not only is the cover gorgeous but I was really intrigued by the world, the magic and I loved the main character!



And that’s it! those are all the books I should read in December. I have a couple others I’d love to get to but honestly … I don’t have that much hope that I can even finish all the ones I listed here so …

What’s on your tbr this month? Tell me in the comments (and/or link your TBR post!)

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