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Folio Society Books

I love giveaways. I think they are such a cool opportunity to give back and bring some joy to the community. I wish I could do them more often (I have some plans for the new year, though!)
I participate in them from time to time but never really with much hope to win anything. So it took me a couple of minutes to realize what happened when Dave @ The Write Reads told me that I won the Folio Society voucher!! And that message came at the perfect time, too!! (I had a couple of meh weeks lately)


Most of us book dragons are quite superficial when it comes to books, aren’t we?
I admit it, I am a sucker for gorgeous covers and I did buy some books because I adored their cover (and was relatively interested in the synopsis).

Superficial isn’t really a nice word though, is it? How about we say we bookworms just appreciate all forms of art. And covers (and illustrations) can be such beautiful pieces of art! So, basically we aren’t superficial, we are art lovers! There, that’s way nicer!

And this little art lover right here always looked with absolute awe at all the stunning books from Folio Society!

When I got the message and the ‘go’ to select a book (or two) I had the hardest time (THE HARDEST TIME) narrowing it down. You can ask everyone I know because I asked everyone to help me. The girls on Discord, Dave, my roommates, my mom and my sister, the mailman … my local murder of crows (they have impeccable taste!) And they all said different things!! Not very helpful … thanks guys!

I’m very (very!) bad at deciding what to get. So bad in fact that I often end up not getting anything (which has confused lots of people that wanted to pay for me for something) but I obviously couldn’t let this go to waste!

And I narrowed it down to three. (I really wanted to get only one or two … but shipping is always the same and then it’s only logical to get more books so the book to shipping ratio is better … right? That decision was purely pragmatic and logical, had nothing to do with the fact that I’m weak when it comes to pretty books. No Sir! Nothing at all)

So, I thought I’ll tell you why I chose the books that I did.


And Then There Were None

First, we have And then there were none by Agatha Christie. I just knew I had to pick at least one Agatha Christie book because I grew up listening to the audiobooks and they just always make me feel comfortable and warm and just good. It’s the very first of her books that I own physically now.

And it’s stunning! The cover is so cool and I can’t wait to read this and see all the dark illustrations. They fit the tone of the story very well!




Wuthering Heights

Second I got Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I’m getting more and more into classics lately and Wuthering Heights has been on my wishlist for quite some time now. And the illustrations are so beautiful and November-y (my fav month). Love the colour scheme and just …

I don’t think I have to say anything else. They speak for themselves!





True Grit

And lastly, True Grit by Charles Portis. I loved the film when I watched a year or two ago. It’s similar to Agatha Christie. I grew up watching Westerns with my dad and I really enjoy them. True Grit was one of the best and I didn’t know there was a book, too! The illustrations are absolutely fantastic! The sepia tones fit the atmosphere of the setting and all and I’m head over heels in love!






I can gladly inform you that the packaging was very secure. So secure indeed that I couldn’t open it for 10 minutes!! All my scissors failed miserably. (And no, I don’t own just very bad scissors)

When I went to the PO box to get them I was really confused at first at how large the packaging was! For three small books!!
I don’t know if it was the post office or Folio but it was wrapped in this … plastic-y material. You know the ones from construction sites? Yeah, that one.

This was the first time (and most probably the last time) I had to use a saw (a saw!!) to get to my books. I feel like a heroine slaying the monster that ate my precious books! (I would’ve used a sword but sadly I don’t own one yet … so my roommates saw was my hero)

You can’t imagine how much I love all my new books! If you can you should totally check out all the other wonderful books Folio Society offers 💛

5 thoughts on “Folio Society Books

  1. They are beautiful editions! I was debating getting Wuthering Heights as a gift for someone and those illustrations have sold me. You are right, we are all just art lovers 🙂


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