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Childish Spirits by Rob Keeley | Review

Childish Spirits
Title: Childish Spirits

Author: Rob Keeley


Published July 2014
by Troubador Publishing

Length: 160 pages

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Thanks to Rob Keeley for providing an audiobook for me to listen and review!
All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


Ellie’s parents break up and she moves with her mother and her brother Charlie across the country. They are now living in a flat within a historic house, Inchwood, her mother is helping to renovate and advertise to open it up to the public.
But immediately upon arrival, Ellie sees a young boy at one of the windows, even though no one is supposed to live there yet.
When she stumbles into an old nursery and weird things start to happen, she has to discover what is going on there and prevent something terrible from happening.

Childish Spirits is the first book in a series and I really enjoyed listening to this ghost story. It had the right amount of spooky atmosphere, dangerous antagonists and heartwarming moments. There is a lot happening in the book which I didn’t hint at in the summary, but since this book is relatively short and I also read it without knowing more I can tell you, that it’s great to go into this not knowing more than Ellie does at the start!

You can meet Edward, the little boy, with her and be surprised by all the twists and turns.  Even though this was written with a younger audience in mind, I could really enjoy it too. Ellie and Edward are great together, there were funny moments and really touching one as well and the ending was absolutely perfect!
The characters are well-developed for such a short book and it really surprised me a few times. The pace was very good and keeps you glued to the page (or your headphones??) wondering what might happen next in this ghostly mystery.

The writing is appropriate for the target age range but can certainly be enjoyed by a wide range of readers, it’s witty and easily understandable.
Another thing I liked was how easily the historical merged with the present time. Edward being from the Victorian era and his disdain for some more modern inventions, conventions or phrases. It also keeps a good balance between the past and the present and sets up new adventures in the sequels.

I, for one, will continue this series and I really recommend you check them out if you like middle grade and/or are in need of more ghosts to grace your TBR (as was I).



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