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Thank you!

I love blogging. I started my blog a few years ago and then stopped. It just didn’t feel right. Like I was behind a glass wall and could see all the fun and love behind it but just couldn’t reach it. That wasn’t because people weren’t welcoming or anything, just that I couldn’t and/or didn’t reach out. I felt a little lost.

I never really quit blogging though. I didn’t post anything for over a year but I always thought about it and finally decided, roughly a year ago, to give it another try and this time to actually talk to people. Reach out myself and find my place. And I think I did. I found my love for reading other peoples posts and I found twitter.

It’s still a scary place for my but I met quite a few absolutely lovely people that I really don’t want to miss anymore! And a bit later I found (or he me?) Dave and his idea for a group of book bloggers supporting each other and I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of that. It’s been a whie now and it’s wonderful and a little mindblowing to see it grow. It’s great to be a poart of all the new ittle projects for this group.

I love waking up each day and to see who is featured that day. Meeting knew people, reading blogs I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.
While I always want to blog hop a lot and read new posts, life does get in the way. But I almost always find time for both, the blog and the review of the day. It’s just all so exciting and such a lovely feeling of … dare I say, family? We are a big, loud and unique gang. From all the different places, with different reading tastes and thoughts and I absolutely love that. It challenges me to read more outside my comfort zones and is horrible for my tbr … but who cares? Right? (I mean I made my peace with the fact that I am going to die by book)

And another part are the blog tours!! I can’t tell you how excited I am by those and how great it is to talk to the authors and to be part of this huge group all shouting about the same thing!! I loved getting to know Kristin Ward more and was over the moon to do my first ever author interview. And now are three (I think?) more super exciting tours on the horizon and even though I was a little late, Dave was nice enough to still squeeze me in.

I’m rambling … but I just want to tell you how amazed I am by all this. All the things Dave organises and how genuinly supportive he is. How accomodating when something is a little difficult (or a post has to be postponed) and I just can’t understand how he does it all! I’m already a little overwhelmed just thinking about it ^^
You can just feel his love and support when talking to him and I’m so glad that this thing exists!

I’m writing this post to say thank you! You wonderlful people all made me loose my fear of reaching out (a bit) and gave me the confidence to post my very first discussion post (a thing I was terrified of) and I’m getting better and better and not feeling like an imposter when wiritng reviews because of everyone in this group! I love that we have people who have blogged for quite a while now and people who just started a month or so ago. And everyone talk to each other and cheers each other on.

The book community is a lovely place and I finally feel like I belong. That is largely because of Dave and the wonderful supportive, funny and welcoming gang he founded.

So thanks again!!

7 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Aw so glad you’ve found people to chatter to through blogging!! And you’re 100% right with Dave – how on earth he does it I’ll never know ❤


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