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Rereadathon TBR (& other March books)

Hey Booklings,

I haven’t posted in a hot second and I don’t know if I should still post my February Wrap Up .. would anybody still be interested in that?
Doesn’t matter, what I want to talk about today are the books I plan to read for the wonderful Rereadathon, created by Merphy (announcement video). She is wonderful and created this readathon with people from all platforms in mind. Booktubers, Bookbloggers and Bookstagrammers! We are 21 hosts in total, 7 for each platform (1 per day) and to make this readathon even more awesome, we are all hosting a giveaway on our hosting day. (Mine is the 13th over on my instagram.) If you want more infos or see who all the lovely co-hosts are head over to the twitter account @Rereadathon2019

But enough of the introduction. Let’s jump right into the books because the Rereadathon starts today and I am so excited! I wanted to read these books for the last couple of days but I waited patiently *12 years in Azkaban!* and today I can finally dive right into them.

There are 7 challenges and because I’m an over-achiever (at least when it comes to books) I am aiming for checking them all! (But to be realistic, I’ll probably have to double up on some …) Also, I might change which book corresponds to which challenge because I am indecisive af and they often check multiple boxes.

So, the challenges are:

Game Changer

The ABC Murders

This is a book that introduced you to a new genre or to reading in general or just impacted you somehow.

I don’t remember which book in particular it was but one of the Agatha Christie books opened the worlds of crime fiction and audiobooks for me when I was like 8 years old? I loved nearly every Agatha Christie I’ve read since then and for the longest time my mom, my sister and I had this tradition of gifting each other an audiobook from Christie (for Christmas, birthdays etc) and listen to it together. I love these memories! So comfy!


Giving a book a second chance



If you’ve been on my blog for a little while you probably know that I am a big mood reader (and don’t cope well with being told what to read) and sometimes I read a book that just doesn’t do it for me. Sometimes I wonder if I would have liked the book more if I read it at another time. This is the challenge for these books.
Faust was required reading in my school and I remember actually enjoying the part I read but because it was for school I didn’t finish it. Now is the time to remedy that!


New Favourite

The Cruel Prince

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s up to your interpretation of how you define new/recent.
I’m gonna reread the Cruel Prince for this one because I really want to read The Wicked King (now that I finally have a copy) and though I probably remember enough to continue on I’d love to be fully immersed in that world again (also, while I remember the end of Cruel Prince I couldn’t really tell you much of what happened besides that) and I’m craving me some twisted faeries.


Old Favourite

Sparkling Cyanide
I am so damn excited for this challenge in particular because I get to reread my absolute all-time favourite Agatha Christie novel: Sparkling Cyanide. I’ve listened to this so many times my family claims they know every word now just from walking into the room when I was listening to it again. But what can I say? I adore this one so much. I don’t even know why?
This could also double for childhood favourite because I think I was 8 or 9 the first time I listened to this. I get all warm just thinking about rereading this … I’m crazy but I love it!



Underrated/ Unpopular Book

Even the Darkest StarsAll the Wandering Light (book 2) recently came out and it’s a similar case to The Cruel Prince. I could probably just dive into the sequel without too much trouble but I loved the world and the atmosphere so much in Even the Darkest Stars that I want to revisit that book. And while I understand why some people aren’t overly enthusiastic about this I rated it 5 stars just for the atmosphere alone. I got this book in a Fairyloot box (which was amazing because I wouldn’t have picked it for myself) and Heather Fawcett says in the author letter that you should read the book outside under the stars and I 100% agree. Definitely underrated!
(Also, cover love!!)


Popular Book

Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone Illustrated
I mean … it doesn’t get a lot more popular than Harry Potter right??

These books had a huge impact on my life as I grew up with it. My best friend and I talk about it constantly, still. (So much that my mom started making fun of us ^^)

I’ve wanted to reread Harry Potter for ages now, but for some reason (all the new and shiny books?) I never did. Now is finally the time. I am so excited to experience this story again and this time with the beautiful illustrations by Jim Kay!


Childhood Favourite

PhysikIf I have to double up for a challenge … I could count both Agatha Christie books as well as Harry Potter for this one, but if I have enough time I want to read Physik. It’s book 3 in the Septimus Heap series. I read the first 3 as a kid and really liked them and for some reason, they never left my brain and I constantly think about finishing that series now. (My brain is terrible at leaving things unfinished … the reason why I rarely DNF books … less trouble just finishing them). I’ve already reread Magyk and Flyte and would love to get to Physik now so I can finally start the other books. I remember absolutely nothing about this book. Seriously nothing!


That are all the challenges. We’ll see if I actually manage to read them all or at least check all the challenges with fewer books.
Are you participating in this readathon? Do you like rereading books?


Oh and because I never posted my March TBR here are some other books I intend to read this month. Most are from my February TBR …
What are you planning on reading this month? Have you read anything I plan to read this month?

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