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February TBR

I can never put a reasonable amount of books on my TBR … I try but I just wanna read ALL the books right now!

I am focusing on NetGalley books and other review copies though because I want to get those out of my mind. And I’m actually quite excited for most of them.
Oh, and I want to finally finish some books that I have been reading for forever!



The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

The Poppy War

I’m really enjoying it and only put this down a while ago because I was participating in a readathon. And in January I didn’t have the spoons for this book as January was a bloody stressful month for me and I prefered reading lighter and easier books.

This is neither but it’s so damn good! Check out R.F. Kuang’s website for the trigger warnings and why she included them though. On the necessity of brutality

It’s a fantastic (so far) epic fantasy inspired by Chinese history about warfare, gods/shamanism and a girl navigating that world. I picked it up again yesterday and I want to just keep on going. Love it and hopefully, I’ll finish it in the next few days.



The Miniaturist by Jesse Burton

The Miniaturist

I am struggling so hard with this. I’m listening to the audiobook and I absolutely loathe how the narrator voices the main character Nella. Makes her sound so whiney and annoying and so much younger than she actually is (18). I probably should try the physical copy, but I am not that eager to pick it up … I do want it finished though. (I’m terrible at dnf’ing books. They just never leave my mind. It’s easier for me to just power through and finish them most of the time.)

Also, it is different then what I had expected. I’ve been deceived by the synopsis and what people said about it. They made it sound more like magical realism? It is straight historical fiction though. Which I do occasionally read, but it’s just weird having expected something different. So a break was in need to adapt my expectations.
Hopefully, I can finish it this month though. Fingers crossed I enjoy it more when I don’t have to listen to the audiobook any more.


Outrun the Wind by Elizabeth Tammi

Outrun the Wind


I had an eARC of this thanks to NetGalley. I did start it in time for the release date, but something didn’t click and I put off reading it for ages. I think it was just bad timing and I’m willing to give this another go and hopefully connect better with the characters.
Because in theory, this is everything I love. Greek mythology, sapphic and strong woman.

The Cult on Fog Island by Mariette Lindstein

The Cult on Fog Island

‘The deadliest trap is the one you don’t see…’ 

This is also an ARC (the German translation from the Swedish original) though this is part of another project, so I’m not sure if I’ll post a review for it.
It’s very intriguing though. The story follows Sophia who gets lured into this cult on an island and how difficult it is to a) realize that your trapped and b) get out of it.
The author herself was part of a cult once so this story is based on her own experience which makes it even more interesting.
The English translation was published on January the 24th so if you want you can check it out. It’s huge though, so I’ve been reading it for a hot second now.


And those are all the books I’m currently reading and really want to finish this month.
Well, not all … I’m still somewhere in the middle of A Wise Man’s Fear but it’s been a year since I stopped reading that and I have no clue what happened last and I might have to reread parts of it and I don’t know if I’m up for that … I do want to finish it someday but I don’t think I’ll get to it this month. I’m not in a rush anyways as the third book is still nowhere near published …


ARCs & Review Copies

To Best the Boys by Mary Weber

To Best the Boys

Thanks to NetGalley I have an eARC and I’m down to read this.
It features a girl disguising herself as a boy, a deadly competition for a scholarship and a labyrinth. Yes, please.

‘Except not everyone’s ready for a girl who doesn’t know her place. And not everyone survives the maze.’

I don’t have much more to say about this because it sounds like a book I don’t want to know too much about before going in. So you just have to deal with this vague summary.*

*Or as always you can click the title to get to the Goodreads page.



Never Contented Things by Sarah Porter

Never-Contented Things

Another NetGalley one and I’m incredibly hyped for this one. I mean it about dark and cruel faeries??! If you know anything about me then it’s my fascination with stories that feature either fae/faeries and/or dark, twisted morally ambiguous characters.
I love faeries no matter what, but I simply adore when they really are mischievous bordering on cruel. When they are dark and playful and lure you into their traps.

‘Seductive. Cruel. Bored.
Be Wary.’

I hope this doesn’t disappoint as I’ve seen mixed reviews so far. Fingers crossed.


The Winner’s Curse (Spiel der Macht) by Marie Rutkoski

The Winner's CurseSpiel der Macht

I’ve got an eARC of the German edition and I’m dying to read it. I don’t know why I haven’t already, like seriously. I was so happy when I got it a few months ago??

First, the cover is to die for (the English one) even though I’m normally not a fan of people on the cover.

It has all my buzz words though. Royals, secrets, forbidden love and unexpected consequences. Also, I remember this series getting quite a bit of hype back in the day?


Other books

Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye

Circle of Shadows

Again, cover love!! The colours!

But besides that, Fairyloot has a readalong for this and I am definitely gonna participate. I love reading books with other people.

This is about siblings, apprentice warriors, who decide to infiltrate a mysterious group of soldiers to help their kingdom and to prove their worth.

Deception and betrayal, secrets and difficult decisions. This sounds absolutely amazing and right up my alley.


The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

The Bone WitchI’ve recently talked about this book in my Top 5 Wednesday: Top of my TBR post. And I really want to get to this. It’s been on my shelves for a while, I don’t know why because this is hella intriguing.

Necromancy, a brother back from the dead, unexpected consequences. And looming danger.

I’m here for that! Also, I’ve been told to have the sequel at the ready. I’m gonna heed that advice, I do love me a binge read. ^^



These are all the books I plan to read in February. But knowing me, half of these will probably change throughout the month.
Are any of these on your TBR, too? What do you plan to read in February?

34 thoughts on “February TBR

  1. I have the Poppy War to read and I am excited to get to it! I have had The Miniaturist on my Kindle forever and I need to get it read. I loved The Bone Witch! 📚

    I’m reading all Black Women authors for Black History Month, but am squeezing in a re-read of Love Story on Valentine’s Day. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved The Poppy War and I’m very excited for the sequel! I hope you like it.
      And I just finished the Miniaturist an hour ago or so … I think my expectations kinda ruined it for me. It was quite different from what I expected. I’m glad I finished it though.
      And omg. I just started The Bone Witch yesterday and I could tell at page 4 that this is gonna be a new favourite! The writing style is just amazing and I just wanna take my time with this one so it doesn’t end 😀

      Oh, that’s amazing. I’ve seen a Readathon for Black History Month, too I think? I’ll keep an eye out for your TBR so I can check out the books! 🙂


  2. Ahhh, I’m happy to see The Poppy War on your list! I definitely haven’t read the book myself since I’ve heard about some of the triggers and I’m not exactly keen to open up that box right now for me. I love the cover for Outrun the Wind and I hope when you pick it up again the second time reading will be a lot smoother and more enjoyable. Personally I enjoy the German cover for The Winner’s Curse, though, I’m probably tired of people and it’s really nice to see knives, haha.

    And YES, HAVE THE SEQUEL READY. And your money to bid goodbye to win you’re done with the sequel for March because you’re going to need it, LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just finished The Poppy War and I loved it. But yeah, there is one scene in particular that is quite graphic and gruesome, so definitely something that you have to be in the right mindset for. I’m glad you know that it wouldn’t be good for you to read it right now!
      I hope so, too. I’m a little scared to pick it up fearing it might just really not be my thing. It sounds so good though!!
      Usually, I don’t like people on my covers either, and it’s been done soo much, but for some reason I’m in love with this one. Though I do like knives …

      Oh dear, should I wait for March then?? I don’t wanna torture myself ^^ 😀


  3. Ha! We’re attempting to read the same amount of books this month. Good luck! As for “The Miniaturist,” I absolutely can’t stand an audiobook with a narrator I don’t like. I stopped listening to “Eragon” because of it. I hope your other audiobooks are better, though!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think I will be reading The Miniaturist soon, I have a buddy read scheduled soon 🙂 I hope I’m going to like it more than you though! Luckily, I absolutely don’t remember what I thought when I bought it, so I also have no idea what it’s about 😀 no expectations 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you like historical fiction I think there is a high chance of liking it. I hope you do! Just don’t listen to the audiobook! 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing what you think about it! 🙂
      And I really hope I like it better now reading the physical copy.


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