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May Wrap Up aka All the Review Copies

May has been my NetGalley/Review Copy month. I had a lot of ARCs to read due this month. 8 of the 12 books I read this month were review copies. Holy moly! I’m quite proud of the little dent I managed in my TBR pile of ARCs!
Hopefully, I can continue this in June.

So let’s start with my audiobooks. I listened to two Agatha Christie audiobooks in German, A Pocketful of Rye (Das Geheimnis der Goldmine) (4✨) and The Mousetrap (Die Mausefalle). Both were review copies that I was seriously soooo happy to get! I loved them both and I have a review for them. (A Pocketful of Rye und The Mousetrap)

I listened to two more Agatha Christie audiobooks, The Moving Finger (Die Schattenhand) (5✨) and Murder at the Vicarage (Mord im Pfarrhaus) (3.5✨). As you can clearly tell, I adore listening to Agatha Christie books. I love her characterization and the more laid back detective style mysteries. And it remembers me of my childhood. My Mum, my sister and I always listened to them together.

The last two audiobooks were review copies again. I’ll post reviews for those two in the next few days or so.
The Sleeping Beauty Killer (Schlafe für immer) by Mary Higgins Clark was gripping and clever. 4.5✨ I’ll definitely listen to/ read more Laurie Moran books. I really like her as a protagonist and Mary Clark Higgins is a great writer. I called the ending but it was still very intriguing and exciting all the way through.

Journey to the River Sea (Maia or Als Miss Minton ihr Korsett in den Amazonas warf)* by Eva Ibbotson was a childhood favourite of mine. But I couldn’t really remember what happened, so I jumped at the opportunity to revisit this story in audiobook form and requested the review copy. Unfortunately, the German narrator was also the voice for Bart Simpson … and that pulled me out of the story every time she voiced one of the kids. But I do still like the story itself. It’s an adventure I would have loved to go on as a kid (well minus the dead parents obviously …).

*The German title is long as heck. but I love it!

And the thing I might be most proud of for finishing this month was: Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Vol 3. now you might ask why I’m feeling most accomplished finishing this one over a 500 pages novel. It’s ‘only’ a graphic novel. Well, because it took me AGES to actually finished it. I started this maybe half a year ago? And I put it down every time I tried to read it again. I wanted to DNF it, but it still nagged me, drove me mental being on my shelf still unfinished. So, finally, I finished it this month. And I couldn’t be more happy with that. I can finally move on. I don’t know why I suddenly had such a problem with this … no idea. The first two Volumes were very quick reads.

There is more buzz around The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken nowadays because 1) there is a movie coming out and 2) Alex wrote a new book in the series The Darkest Legacy (or something). And I finally wanted to be able to be in on the talk. And I enjoyed reading this really much and am keen to read Never Fade. I liked the concept, Ruby and Zu and most of the other characters. Also, I’m curious to see where the story goes after that ending!

Crimson Ash by Haley Sulich was a NetGalley arc and I enjoyed it way more than I anticipated. It is a dystopian style book about two sisters who have to find there way back to each other after being separated eight years ago and try to not only survive but to stop the guy in control. It’s dark and deals with grief, guilt and other hard topics. It really gripped me. (Even though some parts in the middle irked me a bit. If you want to know more, check out my review)

The Oddling Prince by Nancy Springer. It sounded so promising and I though I would love it but oh man, I struggled with this one. I wanted to DNF it so badly, but I powered through because I hoped that the story would be worth it. The writing style was my main issue, it was very fairy tale like, but the characters weren’t my thing either. Didn’t really like any of them. It was fairly short but it dragged on. I have a review for this one as well. I think I was generous and gave it 2✨

I read The Raging Tides by Jennifer Ellision right after the Oddling Prince and was so relieved that this was a fun, quick and easy read. It was quite predictable but I really enjoyed my time reading this, especially in comparison to The Oddling Prince. It’s about an all-female pirate ship and Grace who saves two boys. Who might be able to help her find the monsters that took her mother. The characters weren’t that fleshed out, nor was the plot anything really new, but again. It was fun enough. More thoughts here.

And last but not least I read Am Anfang die Schuld (The Damage Done) by James Oswald. It’s book six in the Detective McLean Series and I found my love for crime/mystery again through this book. It would have been a solid five stars if not for a scene right at the end which honestly confused me. I really wasn’t expecting that and I’m not sure if I like it or not. But other than that, the writing style, the characters, especially McLean and the plot were all great. Can only recommend. And I will definitely check out the other books by James Oswald.

And those were all the books I read in May. I loved The Darkest Minds, The Sleeping Beauty Killer (Schlafe für immer) and The Damage Done the most.

What were your favourite books this month? Have you read any of those I mentioned? What did you think about them?


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