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March Wrap-Up

It’s kinda a tradition now to post my wrap-ups and TBRs quite late .. so yeah … enjoy!

This month was a bit weird. It took me the first 20 days to read two books (not even long ones) and then I finished 4 books in 5 days. With a friend visiting me!

When I started this month, I knew I needed a light and fluffy book to read quite quickly and Highland Surrender (Ausgeliefert in den Highlands) was the right choice for that. It was free on Amazon and I thought why not.
Fiona, the MC, was tolerable enough and the setting was intriguing enough to keep me continuing. But it’s not a book that will stay with me for very long, I already forgot quite a bit. It served it’s purpose though.

Black Birds of the Gallows … well, that’s an interesting one. It was very unique in its magic and curses, and honestly quite bizarre and interesting. But unfortunately, I just couldn’t connect with Angie, the MC. Also, I wasn’t a fan of the ending, it wrapped up way too nicely. Still, I won’t forget it that quickly simply because of the magic curses I never saw before (a harbinger of death or a beekeeper)

The Gregor Series is a middle-grade series I started because it is one of the three favorite series of my best friend. And as she visited me the last two weeks of March it was the perfect time to continue with these books. We read them aloud to each other and it was great! These books are seriously incredible and rekindled my love for middle-grade books!

Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods is the third one and I was so surprised by some twists in this book! Seriously for a middle-grade is tackled some really difficult topics and in a brilliant way. Hamnet was a great character and the troubles he went through … and how the whole book ended .. just wow.

And I can say honestly the same about Number 4 – Gregor and the Marks of Secret. This one was more of a filler book as in it prepared us for the final book. But it was just as great as the other book before it.

And the final book in the series Gregor and the Code of Claw. All I can say is this book ripped my poor heart apart! We both cried a few time throughout the book and my friend read it for the fifth time already. It was seriously moving and some really devastating things happened. If you hate books that have no stakes or that wrap up too nicely … well, these three books really don’t have that problem!
They are full of endearing characters with flaws, with twists and turns, moral questions and action and everything you could wish for!

Sky in the Deep was the last book I read and I already posted my review here if you want to know more in-depth thought.
All I’ll say here is that I really loved the setting and the Viking inspired world and that the only fault the book had, was that is ended too soon. I would have loved more time to explore not only the culture but also the characters and their relationships.


And that was my month. What did you read? Any new favorites?

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