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February Wrap Up

I don’t know about you, but the 2 days we have less in February always feel like eternity reading-wise. Like it’s such a short month! (Two days can mean three books or so!)

Buuut I managed to read a few anyway. (And I cheated a bit and read two abridged audiobooks and one really short short-story and … but you’ll see.

So let’s start:

First, I wasn’t home most of the month so I decided to read a lot of my review copies, well at least that was the plan. Let’s see how it worked out.


1. Erbin des Lichts (Silberschwingen #1) by Emily Bold

I have a review (in German) for anyone interested. This was a NetGalley copy and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It had a few typical Ya elements (16 year-old girö suddenly realizing she isn’t only human etc), but also some more unique and interesting twist and it was addicting. The Cliffhanger at the end was quite mean and now I do wanna read the second book when it comes out (otherwise I might have skipped)


2. Furyborn (Empirium #1) by Claire Legrand

This is an ARC that was included in a FairyLoot Box and it was soooooo good! Really! It features two kickass female leads (Rielle & Eliana) in different timelines (~1000 years difference?) and I loved both perspectives though maybe Rielle’s a tiny bit more since we know from Eliana’s time how Rielle’s story will end and it’s so fascinating to see how she gets there and what happens in the meantime. The supporting characters are also quite good. I loved Eliana’s little brother.
And just throwing it out there: Rielle is definitely a Slytherin.


3. The Bad Boy, Cupid and Me by SlimShady (😅)

Okay, so this probably shouldn*t count, as it is a Wattpad Story, but it was on Goodreads and I’m cheap, so… Don’t judge! 😀
It was fun. it was predictable, cliche af und exactly what I needed.


4. Shadows Over Innocence (Emperor’s Edge #0.5) by Lindsay Buroker

This was a kind of prequel to the whole Emperor’s Edge Series and it was fun. but not necessary in any way. We don’t really see something new or very much that adds anything to the characters, but I liked it. It was very short though.


5. The Darkening Dragons by Sarah Everest

I read this in preparation for her second book which I’m beta reading. (So excited!) It was not necessary to, but I wanted to. So I went ahead and bought this and it was so worth it. It was very different from everything else I’ve read in a long time. We follow Tucker the trucker and his journey to a hidden magical kingdom he has to help to save.
And we also follow his best friend, Flint, who is worried and searches for Tucker who just randomly disappeared. And I have to say I liked Flint’s chapters more which surprised me since I am normally a sucker for anything magical or fantastical. But Flint was just so down to earth and real.

6. Ungekrönt (Ruined) (Die Legende der vier Königreiche #1) by Amy Tintera

Another one from NetGalley and one I really didn’t expect to get! I was over the moon when I saw I got approved for this. I wanted to read this book for a while now (the English original) but never got around to buying it, so this was the perfect opportunity. And first: the translation was very well done!
Em kills another princess to take her place and marry Cas to take revenge and to find her sister who was kidnapped by Cas’ father. It was #stabby and everyone was at least morally ambiguous and I loved it! And the characters blew me away!
(I mean the first thing Em though when entering a room was how can I kill as many people as quickly as I can … LOVE IT! can relate ahem) The conversations Em and Cas have are so funny some times. He can be quite dry and sarcastic.


7. Tod in den Wolken (Death in the Clouds) by Agatha Christie

Now, this is the next one I’m cheating a bit on because it was the abridged version … but shhh!
It was fun to listen to as they all are. Christie’s books always transport me back to my childhood. I listened to countless audiobooks with my Mom and my sister and it was some kind of tradition for a while to gift each other new audiobooks from her.


8. Auch Pünktlichkeit kann töten (Murder in the Mews) by Agatha Christie

This one had such a Christie ending!
I really like nearly all the Hercule Poirot ones. Don’t know what it is.

But that’s it. That was my February reading month. Not particularly bad or good, but I’m satisfied.
Especially since I got a few review copies out of the way! And enjoyed all of them which is even better!


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