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The Worst Books of 2017

Now I already told this was an amazing reading year and the fact that I had a hard time to find books I really didn’t like is proof of that.

But I did find 5 books which I didn’t enjoy for one reason or another. For most of these, I wrote a review so I’ll link those. You can read my more in-depth thought there.


Number 5: Die Bienen (The Bees) by Laline Paull

I was really interested in this book. I had heard good reviews about it and my mom got me this for … Christmas if I remember correctly. It sounded really promising.

Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver for me.
It was very disjointed or episode-y for my taste. Flora 717, our MC, was a bit too special for my liking and some parts really dragged.

But the idea was really good and there were some quite interesting parts. I’m still glad I read this and I learned cool new things about bees!


Numero 4: Percy Jackson – Die letzte Göttin (The Last Olympian) by Rick Riordan

I don’t get the hype. I don’t get the series. I read five books and I really only thought them okay. Don’t ask me why I still read them all. Because I don’t know.

I don’t think Annabeth and Percy have any chemistry. I don’t like the portrayal of the gods in there (Hades especially). And I found it to be quite predictable (Especially the first books)
It just really isn’t for me.


Nummer 3: Getting Back by Cindy Rizzo

I already forgot most about this book so clearly, it wasn’t very memorable. What I remember is that I didn’t think it was very romantic to have a scrapbook of your college sweetheart’s life after you parted ways for 30 years. #Stalkerlife


Numerus 2: Murder on the Eiffel Tower by Claude Izner

So boring! I skim read the middle. And on top of being boring, it was confusing as hell because there were no paragraphs (sometimes not even a new line) when the POV changed?
Like, excuse you can you maybe not?
Oh, and the end was sooo underwhelming.


Fjölda 1: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

Holy shit I hated Clary so much in this book! I have less and less tolerance for stupid characters but I can tolerate them well enough if they have a somewhat relatable reason for acting without thinking first or against all advice from every person ever. (Like Harry for example. Did I want to slap him often because he ran head first into trouble all the frickin’ time? Yes! Did I forgive him because he had good reasons to and it was understandable why he did what he did (still being stupid but okay) Also yes!) But Clary annoyed me to no end. (At least people told her how stupid and reckless she was)

(Like, why the heck did she have to go to the … I forgot what it was called … The City, you know. She literally said that she couldn’t stomach having someone other than her saving her mother. Seriously?? You know shit about that city, aren’t trained like everyone else is and people tell you it’s dangerous for you. And they assure you they will find help for your mother. And you can’t wait a damn few days??

It probably also didn’t really further my enjoyment that I was spoiled about the whole who is the new villain thing.

I could rant a lot longer (I’m really passionate about my hate for Clary) but I’m hungry so I’ll end it here.


Tell me some of your worst books of the year!


4 thoughts on “The Worst Books of 2017

  1. I see so much love for series and I can somewhat understand it 😀 The world is really interesting and I liked some of the other characters: Magnus, Luke, some girl called Alina (or something … I’m bad with names :’D )… but Clary .. big no!

    Oh thats a bummer! Mask of Shadows sounded soo interesting. Oh well, one less book on my imaginary TBR isn’t thaaaat bad 🙈


  2. Aww no I’m so sad you didn’t like City of Glass! I do believe it’s my least favourite of the series, buuut then again I also love the series so freaking much. 😍😂😂So I should probably hush, hahah! I did read a fair few disappointing ones last year, like Gork the Teenage Dragon was utterly horrible and I couldn’t stand Mask of Shadows or Blood Rose Rebellion!


  3. Yes, soo frustrating and such an easy thing to fix! I hope it was just an issue with the ebook though.

    Yes, Clary is probably my most hated character 😀 Magnus is what got me through the first three books.

    But I’m interested in The Infernal Devices because the world of the Shadowhunters is promising.
    If you ever do read them please tell me if you find her as annoying as I did. 🙂

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  4. Wow, POV changes were not apparent enough in Murder On The Eiffel Tower? God, that must’ve been super confusing and downright frustrating! I haven’t yet read The Mortal Instruments but now that you’ve mentioned how stupid this character in it is, I might be stalling it further 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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