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My solution to being stressed out – 24 hours of reading

I’m a stressed little cupcake. I just wrote an exam on forensic anthropology, the next exam is right around the corner, my room is an absolute mess and I need to organize a shit ton of stuff … so I’ll read! That’s some solid logic right there friends. And I don’t only plan on reading a lot, I plan on reading as much as I can .. because … drum roll, please … It’s time for Dewey’s 24h Readathon again! I’m so excited!

So, I am feeling quite indecisive these last couple of weeks* so I don’t have an exact TBR I want to follow. More like a pile of books to choose from, so I don’t get overwhelmed during the readathon to decide what my next read should be, but beforehand. So much more reasonable.

*(ironically I had to decide some pretty important stuff … but you know me, well no actually you don’t so I’ll tell you. I’m Queen at procrastinating things! Like really! Everything and anything I can put off till later, I’ll sure as hell will do!)

And if this is totally weird right now and you think why is she writing like this, I’m tired as heck. I can’t think straight, but I wanted to post this a bit before the readathon actually starts … And as I didn’t do it earlier this day, when I had planned to do it … well, yeah.

Okay, I’ll stop rambling now:

The first book I really wanna read, and hopefully finish is Origin by Jennifer L Armentrout. I’m already halfway through, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Next, I want to read a chunk of Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban. It’s taken me soooooo ridiculously long to read this book! I mean, yes, it’s in Spanish, I haven’t read a book in Spanish since forever (haven’t really spoken it either) but I really want to get it done this month. On the other hand, I don’t want to risk getting in a slump because I force myself to read it? So only maybe 50-100 pages in this one.

Then, for something light an fun, a reread of Silber (in English it’s called ‘Dream a little dream’ I think) by Kerstin Gier. My friend recently started reading it and she’s loving it and that makes me so happy! And we read a part of it together just a few days ago, so now I want to read the rest!

And because I have stuff to do tomorrow (like go and get my Illumicrate Grisha Edition Box from the post office or clean my room, or find shelf space for my 27!! new books (I’ll post a haul real soon) I’ll listen to the audiobook of either City of Glass (probably not, because I am not liking this book thus far) or Das Erbe von Winterfell (which is the second half of the first English Game of Thrones book … the German editions got split up because they are still soo long. Each book is over 500 pages long and it feels so much better to read the humongous German editions (10 really big books!) because you can really see what you just accomplished. Hey, a girl needs her rewards and visual pats on the shoulder.

A few other books I might start during the readathon are:

Black Blade 2 by Jennifer Estep

Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods by Suzanne Collins

Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Vol 3

Monstress Vol 1

And I’ll end this long ass post right about now. I’m so excited to see how many pages and hours I can read!

And sorry this is so all over the place. But as I said earlier I wanted to get his out in time and not sometime after the readathon or something. Sorry, not sorry (Sorry, earworm …)

I’m done now, promise


What’s on your tbr? Are you participating? Is this your first time? And have fun!


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