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The TBR of ridiculous excuses or why I’m always fashionably late

Yesterday I listened to a podcast and one of the girls doing it is constantly late and she said she isn’t responsible for it because she was born late? You know after her due date, so it’s not her fault?

Yeah, I was, too! It’s in my blood! I can’t be held responsible right? And anyway, a wizard is never late. He arrives exactly when he plans to. So bonus points!

Anyway. Let’s get into my ever changing October TBR. I already changed it three times and it’s only 10 days in … but ehm, yeah. I can’t decide shit this month apparently and what I’m going to read is a huge and extremely important decision obviously.

So, I present you with the 7 books I currently plan to read!

1. Three Dark Crowns

Because I ordered the sequel. And it seems halloween-y … three queens, who have to murder each other? Sign me up! (I am currently reading it and I really love it so far. The three sisters are all very different and I like reading about them all. But my favourite so far has to be Katharine (and no it’s not only because she is The Poisoner Queen (I have a thing for poison … )

2. The Diviner’s

I got this two or three years ago (can’t remember) from my Mom and I really wanted to read it, but for some reason, I never got around to it. BUT it sounds amazing and people have told me multiple times now that I really should and that it fits the October vibes.

3. Montress Vol 1

Pretty self-explanatory why I think it’s an October read, right? It looks very intriguing and it’s another book I got as a gift. So I want to read it sooner than later.

4. Opal

Now, this is book 3 in the Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout and I read and loved the first two books years ago. But I already own books 3-5, too. (Got them as a gift … this really is my ‘read-everything-I-got-from-someone-month). and maybe my main reason: Jennifer L Armentrout is going to be at the Book Fair in Frankfurt and I’m going to see her!! Wanted to get into the spirit for that.

5. Nevernight

I wanna experience the glory that this book is supposed to be. Assassins, Blood, Gore. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Also, the sequel just came out … not that I own it, but that can be remedied quite easily if I love this one!

6. Even the Darkest Stars

This was the FairyLoot book of the All that Sass Box (which was bloody amazing!) and it sounds right up my alley. Witches, dragons and a mountain to climb! (Also I just watched The Everest and am in a mountain mood – yes, that’s a thing)

7. Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban

This is another one I’m currently reading. And I love it, I mean it’s Harry Potter. I wanted to read this in Spanish for a while now. To practice. And it’s simultaneously easier and more difficult than I thought.


Now, I already read 5 books from my previously/other October TBR .. but you’ll see those in my wrap up.


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