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In which I promise to be better

Hello fellow Booklings,

The next semester is going to be absolutely crazy for me. I’ll drown in uni stuff and I’ll have absolutely no time to spare … so logically I plan on participating in various reading challenges and want to revive my blog. Because that makes sense, right? No? (Shh, don’t question me. I am queen at procrastinating and doing exactly the opposite of what I should be doing)

Further, I revamped my bookish goals for the rest of the year.

Originally I wanted to read all the books on my ‘Read Shelf’ (I have two shelves in my room, one ‘TBR’ and one with all the books I already read, only that I didn’t want to split series up … so I had about 40 books on there that I hadn’t in fact read) buuut I bought a few more books that also had their place on that shelf (sequels etc) and I still have about 27 books and even though that might still be doable I have a lot of other books I want to get to. For example books by Cassandra Clare (she’ll be at the Frankfurter Book Fair) and books I got for my birthday or just others I’m in the mood for.

So I decided I don’t fancy losing my mind. (Only occasionally, not continuously)

Sooo, new plan!

I’ll create a ’17 books in the rest of 2017′ list and some other reading lists. (And I’ll do so many different ones that I won’t find the time to read one frickin book … I am clever like that!)
But I’ll still try to finish as many series as I can. That’s quite needed! I have the terrible habit of starting series, but never finishing the last book or so. And not because I have commitment issues
(though I do have them) but because I don’t want them to be over. Or it is ’cause of my attention span worthy of a goldfish. New shiny books! I mean NEW SHINY BOOKS! Come on!

So in conclusion: I am officially loony and am attempting to do everything at once. I can’t decide for shit which books I want to read. And I’m trying to post at least once a week.


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