I am currently participating in two readathons. The treesofreverie readathon and 24in48 readathon.

And chaotic and unorganised as I am, I started both late. But oh well, they’re still really fun. I love readathons because 1) I can connect with other people over the goal of reading a lot or reading a particular kind of book (big books, books longer than 1 year on my tbr etc) and 2) it gets me to read more. I often think I don’t have the time to read, but during a readathon I miraculously find a lot more time. And if it is only the 15 minutes drive with the train to visit my friend or the 5 minutes my sister is talking on the phone and not to me. It is always fascinating how much this few moments in between accumulate to.

But without further ado,I present you my readathon goals and what I already accomplished (’cause the treesofreveries one started last Saturday (I started Monday))

My goals:

  • Finish A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson
  • Read East Of West (Vol One) by Hickman/Dragotta/Martin
  • Listen to Rubinrot (Ruby Red) by Kerstin Gier – Audiobook
  • Start The Maze Runner by James Dashner
  • Read 1 NetGalley: –> Dragon Marked
  • Read at least 150 pages a day

(I already adjusted them a bit – Another goal I had before was to finish Dragonfly in Amber … don’t know what I was thinking there, I still had about 950 pages to read at that moment. So my new goal is just to read as much as I can in Dragonfly in Amber. It’s just really good.)


So and what did I already do?

  • A Walk In The Woods – finished today
  • Ruby Red – finished on Thursday (I think?)
  • East of West Vol One – just finished it

  • 10% of Dragon Marked (hopefully more by tomorrow!)
  • 3 chapters of The Maze Runner .. (Listened to the audiobook, but will probably read the rest – Maybe get halfway through by the end of the readathons?)
  • Am on page 318 of Dragonfly in Amber (Maybe 400 by the end? Since this one is not my priority for the readathon. I’ll always find enough time to read it without the additional motivation, it’s just soo amazing and yes I no I sound like a broken record, but I love the Outlander Series so far just so much!)

I think all in all taht is not so bad so far 🙂
So have fun reading and anyone else participating in one of these readathons?


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